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NeHe Lessons 9 and 10 – A Blaze of Stars and The House of Sammy

The House of Sammy

The House of Sammy


This post is pretty simple. Lesson 9 is about masking textures in three.js. Pretty simple. You have a PNG and you want to use it for  masking, add some color and animate them on the screen. All basic functionality that three.js supports out of the box.

Lesson 10 is also very simple. It is about building a structure from some coordinates in a file. Back when this lesson was written, the “worlds” being built were very simple. Today of course the worlds are very complex ranging from relatively simple Unity worlds to productions that rival major motion pictures. But it was one of the NeHe lessons, so I included it.

However instead of the mud-styled picture of the original author, I used an image of our puppy, Sammy who was 4 months old at the time (weighing about 55 pounds). Sadly, Sammy was born under a bad sign and had several birth defects making his shoulders weak. Worse at the age of only 3 years old, he developed abdominal cancer and had to be put to sleep in January 2017. Poor guy, poor us. RIP Sammy.


One aspect of this lesson is the introduction of the GFX.Scene object.  This is a wrapper for the various basic objects in a three.js Scene.  Why bother one would wonder.  In a series of demos like the NeHe items, there is a LOT of boiler plate: allocating and initializing the scene itself, setting up the camera,  setting up the lights, adding stats, maybe some axes, etc. etc.  So I wrote an object that makes it pretty easy in a few lines to initialize all of that. As we go through the lessons will see some more functionality added (multiple cameras, etc.).

You can find the lesson at Geo-F/X here. As always, the sources are on github here. Feel free to contact me at or comment on this article directly.

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