Ric Wright

Geo-F/X is a small consulting firm headed by Richard Wright, Ph.D. specializing in digital publishing with extensive past experience in GIS and high performance graphics.

Ric Wright is currently the Director of Engineering for the Readium Foundation, where he is leading the effort to develop open-source EPUB rendering engines for use in both devices and browsers.  The Readium effort is a collaborative engineering effort knitting together more than 70 companies and developers from all over the globe.  Ric was also a long-standing member of the International Digital Publishing Foundation (IDPF) working group for EPUB, a role he continues that the IDPF has been merged into the W3C.

Prior to leading the Readium effort, Ric was a senior engineering manager and developer at Adobe Systems of San Jose, California.  At Adobe he founded and led the development of Adobe Digital Editions, the Reader Mobile SDK (RMSDK), and Adobe Content Server, the current industry standard for Digital Rights Management (DRM) in eBooks.  Ric is also a member of the original IDPF EPUB working group that produced both the the EPUB 2 and 3 specifications.  Ric was also instrumental in the development of the W3C standard for scalable vector graphics (SVG) and wrote most of the support in Adobe authoring tools for SVG. He also contributed to the Adobe SVG Viewer Project as a developer. 

Ric is the principal at Geo-F/X which specializes in digital publishing and the application of scientific visualization via GIS and OpenGL.  Ric holds both a M.Sc. and Ph.D in Earth Science from McGill University, where he also taught earth science for a number of years and founded McGill’s computer cartography lab.

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