Resumé of Richard K. Wright

Hillsboro OR 97123
Phone/Fax: (650) 303-6896
Skype: richardkylewright

More than 25 years of developing, managing and shipping cutting edge, industry-leading products - products that helped define an industry.

Able to lead the design and development of complex products by heterogeneous teams that are globally distributed. Deep knowledge of every aspect of digital publishing.

  • Lead teams in the design and user experience of user-oriented products
  • Long development experience, able to understand the entire spectrum of development
  • Proven leader of complex, geographically distributed teams on challenging timelines
  • Strong background in working with and in standards bodies (W3C:SVG, IDPF:EPUB)
  • Deeply familiar with whole product life cycle
  • Capable of working on every aspect of product development including design, documentation, QE and development
  • Strategic visionary leader
  • Skilled at managing multiple, complex products and activities


Web technologies (XML, HTML, CSS, SVG), Languages (Java, C++, JavaScript), Graphics (Postscript, OpenGL, SVG, imaging), Product development (design, development, QE, budgeting, life cycle management)


  • Ph.D. (Earth Science) McGill University, Montréal, Québec
  • M.Sc. (Earth Science) McGill University, Montréal, Québec
  • B.A. Honors (Earth Science) University of California, Berkeley

Citizenship: USA
Languages: English, French

Dec 2012 - present: Engineering Director, Readium Foundation

  • Leading the effort to develop open-source EPUB rendering engines both devices and browsers
  • Readium effort is a collaborative engineering effort of more than 80 companies and developers from all over the globe
  • Products:
    • Readium SDK (iOS, OSX, Android, Windows)
    • Readium Chrome App
    • Cloud Reader
    • LCP DRM

July 1999 - Nov 2012: Senior Engineering Manager, Adobe Systems

  • Shipped 25+ products in the period 1999-2012
  • Senior engineering manager of Adobe's Digital Publishing Group
  • Led development of Adobe's Reader Mobile SDK and Content Server as well as associated hosted services
  • Led effort to design and ship Digital Editions 1.0. 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 as well Sony Readers and B&N Nooks
  • Wrote a complete widget architecture for a compound document format based on W3C standards (further details not disclosable)
  • Developed a RIA-based framework using Adobe's SVG viewer technology
  • Co-wrote a plugin for Eclipse that formed a complete SVG editing/debugging environment
  • Wrote the Print and Creations sections of Adobe Photoshop Album
  • Led the team that implemented the SVG->XML workflow with the Adobe Graphics Server for Illustrator 10
  • Wrote and maintained the import and export libraries for SVG used by Adobe Illustrator, LiveMotion, InDesign and others
  • Part of the team that specified and implemented the SVG specification and the reference implementation, the Adobe SVG Viewer.

Dec 1996 - Nov 2012: Independent Consultant (part time)

  • Provided expertise in software architecture, design, and development for a number of firms, including Hammond, Jensen Wallen and Associates of Oakland, Datum3D of Boston, Reality Fusion of Santa Cruz, Cool Software Technology of Santa Cruz, Risk Management Solutions of Menlo Park, and GE Capital Corporation of Denver, Colorado
  • Ported all tools and libraries based on a proprietary mapping system to ESRI’s MapObjects for Risk Management Solutions

Aug 1998 - July 1999: Senior Computer Scientist, nCommand

  • Specified and developed the front end of a XML-based B2B client/server system for the mortgage industry
  • Client side based on COM technology with dynamically loaded workplace components

June 1994 - Dec 1996: Director, GIS Technology, Risk Management Solutions

  • Responsible for overall architecture and supervision for all mapping and GIS-related functions for the entire company
  • Responsible for the design and implementation of graphics and mapping programs for the visualization and manipulation of spatial data related to risk management (Visual C++,MFC, MapObjects, ODBC).
  • Designed and implemented a template-based mapping program for the visualization of insurance risk across portfolios, using MapInfo and C++ (Borland/OWL).
  • Designed and implemented the mapping workstation section of a client/server (PC/Sun) system that is used for mapping flood determinations (C++, Powerbuilder, ODBC). Supervised 2-3 engineers during a 18 month project.
  • Designed and implemented the mapping and UI sections of a very flexible mapping system for hazard display and determinations (Visual C++/MFC/Rogue Wave). Participated in the design of the underlying database systems.

Oct 1991 - June 1994: Project Manager/Senior Computer Scientist, QMS

  • Responsible for the management and technical lead of a small group which designed and developed PCL5, PCL5C, HPGL, PCL4, and CCITT interpreters for a variety of print environments, ranging from small monochrome laser printers to 92 ppm print systems to thermal wax and color laser printers.
  • Supervised group of 4-5 engineers in the design, development and testing process.
  • Developed all half-toning and image operators for UltraScript (a PostScript clone) under the Crown architecture, a multitasking, real-time, embedded system using a variety of processors (680x0, i960CA/CF, R4000, SparcStations).
  • Enhanced and maintained X-Window tool for imaging test system.

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