Lesson 1 - Setting Up WebGL and three.js

The good news about setting up WebGL and three.js is that there isn't much you have to do. It used to be that in order to enable WebGL in the browser you had to choose the right browser (often a beta) and tweak some settings. And then it would more or less work. But with the passage of time all the browser vendors (so to speak) have enabled OpenGL by default. A couple of the lesser browsers have some limitations on some platforms but generally it all "just works". Yay. For more info see the caniuse site and the Khronos site.

Getting started with three.js is very easy - just read these lessons... :-) Seriously, there are a lot of tutorials on three.js out there and many many demos. For this site, you can read through it and look at the demos. All the source code (as well as the sources for this book are available on github here.

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