NeHe and Three.js

These pages are a set of lessons in using three.js and WebGL using the legacy NeHe demos. All the sources are available on github here.

Thumbnail of lessons 1-8

Lessons 1-8

The first 8 lessons in the NeHe tutorials, covering set up, first animation, mapping textures onto objects basic filters and blending.

Thumbnail of lessons 9-16

Lessons 9-16

The next 8 lessons in the NeHe tutorials covering masking, parametric surfaces, text sprites, outline fonts and fog.

Thumbnail of lessons 17-24

Lessons 17-24

These lessons cover texture atlases. quadrics, masking, particle engines. bump mapping, orthographic projection and environmental reflections.

Thumbnail of lessons 25-32

Lessons 25-32

These lessons cover morphing shapes, mirror reflection, shadows, Bezier surfaces, collison detection, loading models and 3D picking.

Thumbnail of lessons 33-40

Lessons 33-40

These lessons cover height maps, movies in WebGL, radial blurring, physical simulations and rope physics.

Thumbnail of lessons 41-48

Lessons 41-48

These final set of lessons cover volumetric fog, multiple viewports and lens flare.

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