Geo-F/X's principal, Ric Wright, was one of the original members of the SVG working group, He contributed to the creation of the SVG 1.0 specification as well as Adobe's implementation of the specification, the Adobe SVG Viewer.

Even more importantly, Ric wrote most of the libraries used for import and export of SVG in all of Adobe's authoring tools, including Illustrator, InDesign ad LiveMotion. In addition, Ric was seconded to the Illustrator team for two releases, writing and testing the import/export code for two major releases of Illustrator.

Finally, Ric designed and implemented, circa 2002, a multi-paned authoring tool for SVG named Humboldt. It supported multiple views (in tabs) of the document, including WYSIWYG authoring in one tab, and an editable DOM viewable as a tree or plain text as well as a fully-functional JavaScript debugger (based on Mozilla's SpiderMonkey) with support for breakpoints and variables. Unfortunately, Adobe decided not to release Humboldt.

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