TIFF Reader

TIFF Reader is a simple library that uses the geotiff.js library toopen and load a GeoTIFF file. It also can optionally dump the IFD(s) to a table, like this:

Name Value
ImageWidth 217
ImageLength 109
BitsPerSample 16
Compression 1
PhotometricInterpretation 1
StripOffsets 1118,8930,16742,24554,32366,40178,47990
SamplesPerPixel 1
RowsPerStrip 18
StripByteCounts 7812,7812,7812,7812,7812,7812,434
PlanarConfiguration 1
SampleFormat 2
ModelPixelScale 1.659062980030722,1.6515290519877674,0
ModelTiepoint 0,0,0,-180.00833333333333,90.00833333333334,0
NC_GLOBAL#Conventions COARDS/CF-1.0
NC_GLOBAL#GMT_version 4.4.0
NC_GLOBAL#history grdreformat ETOPO1_Ice_g_gdal.grd ETOPO1_Ice_g_gmt4.grd=ni
NC_GLOBAL#node_offset 0
NC_GLOBAL#title ETOPO1_Ice_g_gmt4.grd
x#actual_range -180, 180
x#long_name Longitude
x#units degrees
y#actual_range -90, 90
y#long_name Latitude
y#units degrees
z#actual_range -10898, 8271
z#long_name z
z#_FillValue -2147483648
GDAL_NODATA -2147483648

The TIFFReader is based on the geotiff.js library of Fabian Schindler (constantinius). The sources for the TIFF Reader are freely available under the BSD License via rkwright at github. Feel free to contact me directly at rkwright@geofx.com

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